Hi, I'm  a massage therapist and health coach based in Washington, DC.

I’m Elizabeth Goldberg. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a licensed massage therapist in Washington, DC offering therapeutic bodywork, specializing in acute and chronic pain. You can learn more about my massage work, areas of specialty, neuromuscular therapy, and postural assessments below. I am proud to have been part of the Freed Bodyworks team for 8 years. 

I’m also a health and wellness coach offering one-on-one coaching to individuals who are coming back from an injury or adapting to a chronic condition or state of beign. You may feel stuck or disjointed and are looking to be in a place of balance — in body, mind, and spirit. You can learn more about my philosophy and approach below. You can also find me facilitating the GW Center for Integrative Medicine's Mind-Body Wellness Group offerings.

My overarching philosophy is that relationships are at the front of successful and meaningful endeavors - whether it be bodywork, coaching, or otherwise. In this vein, it is important to me that no client will ever feel that they need to explain or defend any aspect of their body and identity. I have extensive work with LGBTQIA+ folx and people of all sizes. I recognize my own white privilege and am committed to anti-racist work for myself and in my community. 

I named this business Feel Connected because I'm a whole person, and I see you as a whole person, too. The bottom line is when we're working together, I'm bringing my full toolbox and my full self.


Massage & Bodywork: Feeling whole and without pain

I start every session with "how can I help you today?"

I enjoy the detective work of what is informing the pain one is experiencing, and, in turn, identifying the most appropriate way to address that pain or need in the moment.  When our bodies are screaming, it's hard to pay attention to anything else. 

Neuromuscular therapy, specializations

Neuromuscular therapy identifies pain patterns and addresses area of muscle hypertonicity (the trigger point) to address that pattern.  Together with postural assessment (evaluating how is one holding their body), root causes of pain can be identified and treated. 
I have particular interest in neck and shoulder dysfunction, which includes (but certainly not limited to) migraines, chronic headaches, frozen shoulder, pain from whiplash (or similar injury), and athletic performance and injury recovery.

Coaching: Authentically You and Fully Supported

If you are feeling disconnected from your body and health and want to re-establish what “healthy” and whole feels like now, then this coaching-for-embodiment can help you get there. 

Health & wellness is incredibly multifaceted - mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, physical, occupational - these all influence how we feel each day in the moment and about our direction.  When managing life with a chronic condition, recovery from an acute injury or event, or at any life inflection point, this becomes even more evident.

Coaching approach

I seek to provide others with the space to learn about embodiment and define what health means to you and identify what you want. That's the place to start.

My approach to health coaching is first acknowledging that “healthy” is self-defined and multi-dimensional. Health is mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational (how we relate to others), occupational, financial –states that are precarious to hold in balance. My question is, what does that balance look and feel like for you. How can the challenges you may be experiencing in one area grow to match your awesomeness in another? Let’s identify the road map and find out. I’m here to both support and hold you accountable along the journey.  

If you are feeling like you are making progress with your healthcare provider and want to enhance your progress between or along with appointments, then pursuing a health coaching relationship for concrete objectives, support, and accountability can help you get there.

Collaboration in practice: Healthcare as it can be

We - healthcare providers - need to help each other. There is no other choice. I actively partner with other healthcare professionals (MD, ND, L.Ac., psychotherapists, physical therapists) to provide comprehensive treatment plans that honor the patient's needs and practitioner capacity. Stay tuned.

DotOrg: What needs getting done?

What does your organization need right now? Gaps to fill? Confused about which is the best system for your team? I provide strategic planning, research, and project implementation services to mission based organizations, companies, and nonprofits. While my specialization is in technology solutions, you will benefit from a cross-disciplinary and holistic approach to problem solving, 
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