For healthcare professionals

Support for clients, supporting each other

Feel Connected health coaching assists individuals feel balance in all dimensions of wellbeing -- to feel full embodiment.

My model includes working with other healthcare professionals for mutual client/patient and inter-professional support.

For example, I am excited to work with philosophically aligned providers to augment or fill the gaps that clients are experiencing with their current care.

I am developing a model that does not use health insurance. However, I am positioning the coaching engagement intentionally to be complementary for the treatment plan without significant additional financial burden. A typical coaching engagement is for three months with weekly sessions; however, this is completely adjustable based on what a client and their healthcare practitioner decide will be most helpful.

I also want to support YOU! Burnout is real, and being a solo practitioner can be lonely. We all need someone in our corner.

My guideposts are trust, collaboration, and inclusion.

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